Android (Pre-Register) Code Racer - Program vehicles to complete crazy courses!

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    Hey all! I'm a solo dev and im working towards the release of my latest project, Code Racer! Coming soon (hopefully mid December) and for FREE!

    Pre-Register the game for free now on Google Play and receive a FREE in game vehicle when the game releases! -


    Game Description:
    Code your vehicle with a series of commands to complete various courses, tasks, stunts, and races in this physics-based brain teasing racing puzzle game!

    Program your way through over 100 exciting levels featuring tight turns, big jumps, moving platforms, giant balls and more in over 30 different vehicles!

    Feeling good about your skills? Compete against the world in online code races to see who's the fastest programmer!

    Then take on the Daily Challenge for a chance to win big and try out unique levels!

    Have an old or slow device? No worries, Code Racer features optimized graphics and several graphical options to make performance smooth on any device!

    Social Media:
    If youd like you can follow me on twitter for updates on release -

    CrScreen1.jpg CrScreen2.jpg CrScreen3.jpg CrScreen4.jpg CrScreen5.jpg CrScreen6.jpg CrScreen8.jpg CrScreen9.jpg CrScreen10.jpg CrScreen11.jpg

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