Universal [Pre-Order] Parafoxers (by Spiel Studios)

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    Pre-Order Link:

    Redeem one of the below Promo Codes to get an exclusive early access:

    Gameplay Preview

    A Simple, addictive and challenging game where you have to continuously shoot the Parafoxers and prevent them from landing on the ground.

    - Tap on the screen to Shoot
    - Deploy Shield to safeguard your Tank from incoming fire
    - Use Spikes to prevent Parafoxers to climb up to your platform
    - Total of 30 challenging levels with unique objectives
    - Unlock items in the Shop as your progress through the levels
    - Buy & Upgrade your Tanks & Power-ups from the Shop
    - Post your highscore on the Game Center Leaderboard

    Download the game if you choose to accept this challenge to Save Bunny from the Foxes!

    Inspired from one of our old time favourites - Paratroopers!

    We would love to know what you think about the game..

    Thank you!
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    To all the players who downloaded the game, we would love to hear your impressions!

    Also, we have some more promo codes if anyone wants..

    1 week to go!
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