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    Dec 17, 2019
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    Our game Petri: Blobs from Space! is now available for pre-order on the App Store:

    More about the game:

    A match-3 puzzler with physics.

    A bubble-shooter with a radial control scheme.

    Somehow, Petri: Blobs from Space! manages to combine several genres into one unique experience for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

    The Story:

    It’s your first day at Petri Labs, a secretive research facility.

    As you peer into your microscope, you find something completely unexpected - tiny alien lifeforms.

    They may look cute, but they’re intent on invading our world!

    About Us:

    Beep Yeah! LLC is a small group dedicated to providing unique, enjoyable, and well-crafted games.

    We specialize in small experiences that leave a big impact. This is why we love the mobile games space.

    We are based in Utah, USA.
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