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    The iOS Pre-Order of Mutants War is available now! Pre-order Mutants War now and get Special Gift Codes.
    Come and join this superhero-themed war MMOSLG!
    App Store ➡️ http://bit.ly/mutantwar

    ◆ Dead Rising, Defend Homeland
    The walking dead is attacking the lonely city in the wasteland. The hero leader arrives and saves the refugees.
    Slay the zombie hoards and defend the homeland. Develop city and revive civilization.

    ◆ Heroes Assemble, Reborn in Apocalypse
    The war era of the Middle Ages ended. Kings, Lords, Dragons and Magic disappeared.
    The age of Modern War opens. Superheroes awake and War Machine Armors arrive.

    ◆ Build Base, Develop Science & Technology
    Build your base, consolidate wall defense, lay out traps, and greatly enhance the defensive attributes of your base!
    Train your troops, develop technologies, make weapons and greatly enhance the combat capabilities of your army!

    ◆ Explore World, Defeat Monster
    Explore the wilderness, collect resources, supply military supplies and expand the army.
    Track monsters, kill zombies, obtain materials and forge equipment.

    ◆ Strike with Strategy, Real Time Combat
    Form alliances, assist each other, discuss strategies and improve tactical abilities.
    Strike with Strategy in the League Wars and win the victory.
    Reinforce your allies instantly when the enemies attack them suddenly. To overcome the weak and change the course of events.

    ◆ World War MMO, Fight for Motherland
    World War opens in the whole game. Unite your allies, resist the enemies, occupy the throne and rule the kingdom.
    Take an active part in the globe war. Invade other countries, repel the defenders, dominate the world and gain the glory.

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