iPhone [Pre-Order]Melbits World- 3D Puzzle-platformer

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    Dear Humans on TA
    We are happy to bring our latest title Melbits World to you :D - the cutest puzzle game ever! Currently is at pre-order via the link below:

    App info is currently processing and/or the app is not yet fully available for sale on the US App Store.

    Melbits World is a 3D puzzle-platformer video game developed by Melbot Studios - with 6 different worlds, many challenging levels, crazy power ups and several game modes! Collect all of the 6 rune stone and help them back to home!


    -72 unique levels with unique traps and mechanics!

    -6 different themed worlds!- Customization system with tons of skins!

    -Complete the challenge and collect all of the seeds in each level

    - Play with your friends on the same device and cooperate to complete the challenge together!

    - Simple control with different well designed virtual buttons

    【So, What are Melbits?】

    Melbits are cheerful creatures that live inside everything that is connected: phones, tablets, PC´s, consoles. Legend has it that Melbits' mission is to keep Internet’s good vibes so it can keep on working. Melbits neutralize the evil viruses that cause everything digital to malfunction. Since Internet needs more Melbits than ever, it’s the players' duty to grow the small community that lives inside their mobile phone!


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