Universal [Pre-Order Jan 12] Clicker Cats: RPG Idle Heroes (by Platonic Games)

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    May 20, 2015
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    Hi there! Platonic here, the devs behind Sailor Cats and Happy Hop among other cute casual games.
    We'd like to invite you to try our upcoming game Clicker Cats: RPG Idle Heroes

    You can Pre-order it now on the Appstore
    Or play it on android early access HERE


    Clicker Cats is a relaxing RPG idle game where you send your heroes to quests to find new treasures for your tavern.


    - Easy to play: Send your heroes to battle and tap enemies to finish quests faster.
    - Collect 1000+ heroes, pets, skins, furniture and more.
    - Strategic Gameplay: Choose wisely which heroes you’ll send to quests based on their skills.
    - Level up your heroes and evolve your pets to make them more powerful!
    - Original narrative and kawaii art style.

    If you like relaxing cute games you’ll definitely enjoy playing Clicker Cats.

    Thanks for checking it out! :)

    Some ingame screenshots:


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