Universal [Pre-order] Hordes of Enemies - Pixel Art Brawler (by Pixel Envision Ltd.)

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    After two puzzle games kubic & noded, we’re back with an pixel art action/arcade game called Hordes of Enemies.

    The game is now available to pre-order on the App Store for FREE and Ii’s due to launch next week on October 3rd.

    Hordes of Enemies is a fun pickup and play brawler with 3 main themes/scenes. Actually, the whole game is inspired by the “burly brawl” fight scene of Matrix Revolutions. It supports MFi controllers & iCade, iCloud, ReplayKit, Game Center, Haptic Feedback, 3D Quick Actions, animated iMessage stickers, localized into 12 languages and also available on Apple TV.

    This is a truly free-to-play game that comes with two scenes locked, both can be unlocked simply by playing to reach required total scores. Players can also choose to unlock with In-app purchase.

    Gorgeous pixel art graphics & animations created by Gustavo Viselner who is best known for his movie based artwork. You can read more about his work in this Kotaku article

    Further details about the game is available in our press kit

    We wanted to create a simple and fun game that we would want to play ourselves and we hope that you'll feel the same, enjoy!

    This is a self published indie game and any pre-orders would be immensely appreciated! If you have any questions please feel free to post below...

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