Universal [Pre-Order/ Free] Rocky Rampage - Classic Launch Game with a Twist

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    Rocky Rampage: Wreck 'Em Up
    Genre: Launch, Arcade, Action

    What happens when you add speed to a human wrecking ball?

    Posting on behalf of our sister company: Joyseed Gametribe, we'd love for you to try out Rocky Rampage!
    Key Features:
    • Classic Launch game, done different
    • Roll through your stage instead of running
    • Mount different animals to retain your momentum!
    • STAGE PROGRESSION, earn new upgrades and pants to progress your hero
    • Obtain different Wonderpants to upgrade your hero
    Pre-Order: http://joyseedgametribe.com/games/rocky-rampage/

    Pre-Order Benefits:
    Receive a permanent [Chest Upgrade], which increases the rewards you receive whenever you open a chest (Daily, In-game, Airdrops)
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    For those who are interested, your regular chests collected either doing daily quests or stages contains 4 rewards.

    So why Pre-Order? Because Golden chests are Awesome!

    With this [Chest Upgrade] your chests will permanently be upgraded into Gold Chests,
    increasing the rewards you gain from every chest you unveil.

    Discover more speed boosts, dynamite, and more gold in your playthroughs with this awesome upgrade!


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