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    Pre-Order Link:
    Available on July 23rd
    Price: Free


    Flip It Up is a good game to treat OCD.
    The big interest of it is to flip all the tiles up.
    Slide on the screen to move the ball. Tiles will flip to the other side once the ball passes.
    Hover, tiles up can be changed to the verso, only flip up again with another pass.
    Then it is the time to show your intelligence finding out the route to perfect the chessboard.
    Vibrant graphic to enjoy. Simple and fun to play.


    -Original Rules.You have never experienced such a simple and interesting game.
    -Vibrant graphics. Enjoy your game in a colorful and bright design!
    -Simple control. Just slide on the screen and flip the tiles over!
    -Easy to play. Immersive experience of your control!
    -Attractive flow. Flip all the tiles up with the bright color. Take your time to find the optimal route! Not easy to pass on your first try.

    A Closer Look:



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