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Discussion in 'Upcoming iOS Games' started by Caneca Game Studio, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. Caneca Game Studio

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    May 17, 2018
    Hi TouchArcade,

    Matt here from Caneca. I'd like to introduce our new zombies 3d platformer game: Zombies Attack.

    I'm lanching the game in next January for iOs devices and i launched a campaing in the KickStarter for get more funds

    I would love to know what you think about the visual and if it has the potential? if I should continue the development

    Please, look more detais and Pre-order:

    The Game
    You are the cop, and you have to defend yourself in a zombie apocalypse. However, fortunately, you have a lot of ammunition.

    It is an action adventure game that brings lots of fun, extensive fighting, diverse missions filled with zombies, destructive weapons and various explosive elements.

    Set in a world ruined by an apocalypse, humanity faces its last days, in this scenario a hero not very happy with the situation seeks to defend his small community, and for this he has a large amount of ammunition.



    A world in low poly was created with great scenarios, unusual missions, heavy weaponry and countless zombies.

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  2. redribbon

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    Jun 11, 2010
    yes it does has a good potential here as long as:
    1. it has a good amount of story missions to keep the player connected to continue playing the game
    2. has lots of different area to explore. dont make players stay in one area for too long.
    3. lots of weapons to collect.
    4. grinding is fine (watching ads, replaying the levels) as long as you dont force people to buy things to finished the game. you can take example from major mayhem 2.

    thats all, its only my opinion. you know whats best for your game :)
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  3. Legion180

    Legion180 Well-Known Member

    Jul 23, 2015
    I would ad some kind of survival/endless mode. (Yeah, I love those).
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