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    Hi folks!

    Most of you probably know me best by the release of my last game, Meteorfall: Journeys. Krumit's Tale is not a sequel per se, but it takes place in the same Meteorfall universe and follows a similar run-based roguelike / card game loop.

    [Meteorfall: Krumit's Tale: Pre-order link - Aug 27 - $6.99]


    I released the game on Steam in Early Access in November 2019. We just recently left Early Access and now my attention has turned to mobile. The 9 months we spent in Early Access really helped us polish the game and get it ready for mobile release.

    Like Journeys, one of my goals was to provide a really intuitive experience on mobile, and so the game is really optimized to fit the mobile form factor. It can be played one-handed in portrait mode, with (almost all) of the UI in easy thumb's reach from the bottom. The iOS version of course comes with iCloud save support and achievements. There's even a way for folks that played the game on PC to transfer over all their progress to the iOS version.

    One of the biggest jumps with Krumit's Tale is that we were able to really ramp the production value of the game, thanks to the success of Meteorfall: Journeys. All the characters you love from Meteorfall (and plenty of new additions) are now fully animated. We've got more music, more SFX, more visual effects. The titular character, Krumit, is also professionally voiced and he sounds absolutely amazing.

    We're also launching in a bunch of languages this time. In addition to English, we'll be launching with Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Polish - all translated by fans of the game. I hope to include additional languages in the future as well.

    If you were a fan of Meteorfall, I think you'll really enjoy Krumit's Tale. The game takes place on a grid instead of a pure 'card-based' system and it feels *very* different from any other deck builder out there. It draws inspiration from Slay the Spire in terms of perks (relics) and enemy intents (showing their action) but also a lot from board games where you have to carefully manage your resources (gold and health).


    If you're interested, check out the pre-order page which is live now on iOS! Pre-orders help us get visibility with the Apple editorial team and are a great booster for pre-launch momentum, so please consider pre-ordering if you're excited about the game.

    The 'Upcoming Games' thread for Meteorfall: Journeys on Touch Arcade was really critical for me in building an early audience before I released the game, and I'm really thankful for all the love and support the TA community has shown over the years - thank you!

    Twitter: @slothwerks
    Discord: bit.ly/krumit-discord
    Reddit: /r/KrumitsTale
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    I am a big fan of your game Meteorfall Journey. Was eagerly waiting for this one since it came out in Steam. I preordered the moment I saw it was available on AppStore.The screenshots look amazing. Can’t wait for the release!
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    Really looking forward to this one, instant order for me.
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    Thanks @Sree29 and @ste86uk for the support!

    A couple folks elsewhere had a few questions about the mobile version so I figured I'd include the answers here:
    • Krumit's Tale does support landscape and portrait. Landscape is a bit small on phones, but it's there if you want it - but it's perfect for devices like iPad. I personally play in portrait on my phone and on landscape on my iPad
    • If you own the Steam version, it's possible to transfer over progress from that version. I implemented a cross-platform copy function since a lot of Steam players have been eager to check out the game on mobile.
    • Daily Challenge is cross-platform, so you can compete on the same leaderboard as your friends on Steam or Android
    • All the same languages (English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Russian) are supported on the iOS version as well
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