Universal [Pre-Order] Artzle - Picture Puzzle Game by GovindNarayan

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    Artzle - Picture Puzzle Game idea is to fix the photo puzzle where you tap each broken pieces to form one full image in a sequential order on a grid layout. Given are few broken puzzle piece of an image, photo or an art. The player should tap to puzzle piece on the horizontal platform and place it or the correct position on the grid. The pieces must be arrange in one sequential order so that it completes the image. Once the pieces are set in right position the player advances to next level. Complete each Artzle Picture Puzzle Game level with your strategic move. This is a brain training mind game and you have three tries on each level. Once you run out of tries its a Game Over and you must restart.

    Artzle - Picture Puzzle Game helps you improve your logical and analytical thinking and increase your brain power. Solve each art, fix photos or pictures and advance to new and challenging levels.

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