PPP Pyramid Power Penguin Game

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    Jul 23, 2012
    Here it is.......the official trailer video for the PYRAMID POWER PENGUIN game. We hope you like it. What do you think of it? We would love to hear your comments.

    Made by our special team : Rookie Division at 3Mind Games

    In this new “the Rookies” division, interns have the chance to work in a full game development environment. Thanks to our “Digital Boot Camp” project, interns have the opportunity to build an original game 100%, from start to finish and launch it on the App. store. At 3Mind Games, we pride ourselves in making innovative, quality fun games. We are also very proud of our first group of interns who have worked so hard to realize their first game. This will be the first title to be released from the “Digital Boot Camp” project, which is due to be launched in August of 2012. We hope you will share this exciting news with others and enjoy this game as much as we had making it.

    Proceeds from the sales of this game will go directly to the interns who dedicated all of their own time in creating this gaming experience for you and also to develop future projects of this kind. 3Mind Games and our interns thank you for your support towards our efforts. With the support of the gaming community we can continue to build valuable opportunities and bright futures for up and coming talent in the gaming industry.


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