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The Revolutionary POWERUP X FPV Drone - Paper Airplanes Just Got An Upgrade It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s the first e…
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The Revolutionary POWERUP X FPV Drone - Paper Airplanes Just Got An Upgrade It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s the first ever upgraded paper airplane drone...all controlled from your smartphone. It’s the POWERUP X FPV: experience first­-person­-view (FPV) flight on a paper airplane with a LIVE streaming camera, via Google Cardboard or a Mogo viewer. How It Works * Designed for iPhone 6 or newer. The app isn't optimized for 4" screens or less. Use your smartphone with a head-mounted display (Google Cardboard or a Mogo viewer), and experience a bird’s eye view from your plane - and even control it just by moving your head! Powered By Parrot® POWERUP and Parrot® teamed up to create the world's most awesome live-streaming paper airplane, meaning you can control it from your smartphone, and fly up to 300 feet in the air! Main Features ● Experience two game-changing modes - GamePad and FPV ● Enjoy 10 minutes of flight per charge ● Over 300 ft WiFi streaming range ● Autopilot stabilization for easy flight (especially in windy conditions) ● Video and audio streaming and recording ● Wide-angle rotating camera providing front, side and rear camera view ● Extremely durable Carbon Fiber and Polypropylene frame ● Automatic takeoff and crash detection ● Endless airplane design possibilities - the sky’s the limit! ● Airplane’s gross weight 2.8 oz/80 grams ● No FAA registration requirements How to Connect turn on your POWERUP X FPV, insert the battery. In your smartphone’s ‘Settings’, choose the ‘PowerUp-XXXXXX’ WiFi network Launch the POWERUP X FPV app. How to Set Up Streaming Quality Open the app and choose ‘Settings’. On the WiFi page choose your country and available WiFi channel. Use the WiFi scanner to search for available WiFi channels when you go out flying. Autopilot Modes Throw To Fly Takeoff­ - double tap to unlock the throttle, go full-throttle! Launch the airplane into the sky, once it's in the air, the propellers will spin automatically! The airplane will ascend and keep straight heading. Throw To Fly Takeoff disabled­ - double tap to unlock the throttle, go full-throttle! The propellers will start spinning. Launch the airplane into the sky, once it's in the air, the auto-correction system will initiate, allowing the airplane to keep straight heading. Recovery mode ­ - Return Home flight mode (RH) ensures a safe recovery during a loss of control or communication - the airplane will turn back and land as close to the pilot as possible. A high-intensity buzzer will activate, in order to help find the drone once it lands. Piloting Modes GamePad flight mode - similar to RC stick and throttle control, simply increase/decrease the thrust to make the airplane go up and down! Move the control lever right or left to steer. FPV flight mode - ­ experience immersive flight via a Google Cardboard or a Mogo viewer! Control your flight by tilting your head in the direction you want to fly. Video and Still Image Capture ● Videos and photos can be captured in all flight modes. Your recorded video is saved straight to the micro-SD card inside the airplane (sold separately). All recorded media can also be transferred directly to your smartphone for easily sharing on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. VR Viewers POWERUP X FPV is compatible with the Google Cardboard VR viewer and Mogo VR viewer, allowing real-time and low latency FPV from your paper airplane. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to control - even for the most novice of pilots! - thanks to our 10 sensors and autopilot stabilization software. The Google Cardboard VR viewer has an external button for capturing still photos during flight, and also for initiating takeoff and abort functions. Settings ● Switch between quality and performance modes ● WiFi country and channel control ● WiFi scanner *Note: This app requires the use of the POWERUP X FPV WiFi module and will not work without it. Find out more at http://poweruptoys.com
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