Powerhouse - A circuit styled slide puzzle

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    The idea is to line up the circuit by sliding the tiles with your finger to light up all the LED's in the circuit. Powerhouse - slide puzzle comes with 4 difficulties ranging from Beginner to Expert. Currently there is a total of 460 unblock puzzle to complete, with more planned to be added. Each unblock puzzle has 3 stars to earn, adding to the replay value so you can always try to get all 3 stars in every slide puzzle.

    Additionally, Powerhouse - slide game comes with an additional game mode - Endless. In this mode pieces will drop from the top of the game board and pile up from the bottom to top. The only way to get rid of the pieces is to lineup circuits from side to side, or bottom to side, or even bottom to bottom. The more connections, the more points you get! Pay attention though! It will become increasingly more difficulty the longer you last.

    * 4 Different difficulties - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Expert.
    * *NEW* More levels and difficulties - Including a Rotate pack to really push yourself and a Premium Pack.
    * Casual mode. Relax, put your feet up and enjoy some calm puzzles to ease your mind
    * Additional bonus levels
    * Cloud Sync - Save all your data to the Google cloud so you never lose your progress.
    * 2 Game Modes
    - Slide Puzzle - Block Puzzle
    - Endless Mode - Get the highest score you can and compare it to your friends.
    * 460 block puzzles to keep you challenged. Stay tuned for more slide games
    * Login with GOOGLE PLAY games
    * 25 Google Play Achievements - See if you can collect them all!
    * A hint system to help with the levels that you struggle with the most.
    * Undo button for small mistake/s.
    * Statistics to keep track of everything you've done.
    * In-App purchases to allow you to buy more hints.... if needed.
    * Many different tiles and components to use, including: diode, transistor, voltage splitter, double angle, and much much more.





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