Universal 'Power Up' by Psychotic Psoftware and Playing with Giants

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    Hi everyone!

    My name is Rick and I'm a designer/artist over at a new mobile developer called Playing with Giants.

    I'd like to annouce to you all our 1st game. Which is a port of the Steam game 'Power Up'. An old school side scrolling shooter made by our friends over at Psychotic Psoftware.

    Here is a few images to have a look at from the game on iPad.




    The game will run on iPhone 4 up and also the iPad 2 to the most recent versions.

    We are currently getting the game ready for Beta testing so if any of you fine folks out there would like to help us out please PM me with the iOS devices you have as we want to make sure we have the game running on everything if possible..

    We also have our own original games in development and I will be sure to post on here as soon as we are ready for you all to see them.

    Thanks for reading folks.

  2. kopicha

    kopicha Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2015
    looks like Gradius :)
  3. Yes it is very much in that old school very hard shooter area like Gradius or R-Type :)
  4. Hi folks

    We have just received word from Apple that we have passed the Beta tester submission so if anyone else out there would like top be a Beta tester on Power Up please send me a PM and we will go from there.


  5. I'm very happy to confirm that Power Up will be available on the app store on April 9th!

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