Power Support's Anti-Glare Film is da Bomb!

Discussion in 'General Game Discussion and Questions' started by LordGek, Jul 9, 2009.

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    Hey Gang,

    Thanks to TA member Patton, I just stumbled upon the wonders of the Power Support Anti-Glare Protective Screen! I was never concerned about glare and have never been a fan of protective screens (tried a couple with my Nintendo DS and I just found them awkward at best), but I HATE smudging the bejesus out of my touch screen after only a few moments of play with my slimy fingers. This protective screen was easy to install, reduces finger smudging to almost nothing (I'm not going to claim it stops the smudging 100% but reducing it by what seems 90% or more is still great in my book) without losing any sort of tactile responsiveness (if anything I think it's even improved things as it seems easier to slide around the touch screen)!

    No clue if this is any better than what comes built in with the new iphone 3GS (via it's new supposedly oil resistant screen) and I doubt this screen offers any huge protective aspects like, say, the ZAGG Invisible Shield. Also, I'm assuming a side effect of this screen's "anti-glare" aspect, I think the screen will appear ever so slightly tinted so you might lose some of the unprotected screen's full vibrancy (this same company makes a Crystal Film for the same price but, if I understand them correctly, it doesn't help as much with the smudge factor as the Anti-Glare Film I got). Lastly realize I've only had a few hours with it so far, perhaps my opinions will change after the initial honeymoon period, but I doubt it.

    Obligatory Power Support US link

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