"Pounce wins hands down as a solitaire game on the iPhone" - iphonefootprint.com

"Solitaire love…
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"Pounce wins hands down as a solitaire game on the iPhone" - iphonefootprint.com

"Solitaire lovers rejoice! Now there’s a game that incorporates everything you love about Solitaire minus the monotony and boredom." - slapapp.com

"A fast-paced card game that’s hard to put down!" - appshouter.com

"Pounce iPhone game makes solitaire less lonely" - appolicious.com

"Solitaire on steroids!" - Primo24

"Addicting" - Pretty much everybody who tries it!

Take the 'solitary' out of solitaire with Pounce! Play against multiple virtual players, or play against your friends! Pounce is an intense multi-player speed card game. Game play is similar to solitaire, except that you are racing to play your cards faster than your opponents. Earn points for cards you play into the shared center field. Be the first to empty your Pounce pile to score bonus points!

Pounce is loaded with features:

- Single player games against up to 6 computer opponents
- Head-to-Head games on a single device with 2 people and up to 4 computer opponents.
- Multi-player games with up to 7 total players (Bluetooth is required for multi-player games
- Multiple card face, card back, and playing field designs
- Select individual deck designs for all opponents (or randomize the deck designs)
- Left-handed and right-handed modes
- Multiple playing styles:
- Pounce pile can be face-up or face-down (face-up makes for faster game play)
- Bonus or penalty scoring methods when a player calls 'Pounce!
- Play a set number of hands, or play to a specific score
- Single player games are saved if Pounce is interrupted or you exit
- In-depth tutorial teaches you how to play

Multi-player games can include players running Pounce on an iPhone or iPod Touch. Please update Pounce on any iPhones or iPods to version 1.3 to allow them to join a game.

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Genre:Board, Card
Release:Sep 30, 2010
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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Compatibility:HD Universal