iPad Potty Panic -- New Level released!

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  1. The last version of Potty Panic for the iPhone was downloaded by 350,000+ people in two days. Yesterday, a whole new level was released! (Download the full game here: http://bit.ly/c7sBK0)

    We know you’ve been there before – at a park, ballgame, or concert with your family and friends, loving life. You’re eating, you’re drinking, you’re enjoying the fresh air and then BAM, that one last piece of funnel cake you shouldn’t have eaten comes roaring back with a vengeance.

    You see the small cluster of port-a-potties, but then you realize that there are hundreds of people who ate from that funnel cake stand of regret making a beeline to the same port-a-potty cluster.

    Potty Panic is a super fun and addictive game with an explosive sense of humor and oddly appropriate soundtrack to match. You are the bathroom traffic controller guiding panicked pottiers to safe refuge. One mistake leads to a horrible mess!

    Potty Panic is a unique iPhone experience. Features include:

    • Gameplay acceleration: the more you score, the harder it gets!
    • Multiple port-a-potty options, including the life-saving or deal-breaking handicap potty.
    • “Load”-based scoring. It’s exactly what it sounds like.
    • Clear instructions and help menus to optimize your Potty time!
    • Music and Effects settings to customize your experience.
    • Runs smoothly with or without network coverage.
    • See more info here: http://citizenkanellc.com/iphone-games/potty-panic-iphone-app.html


    Let us know what you think of the update! -ZS

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