Potion Punch 2

Monstronauts Inc.
Go on a brand new cooking adventure in the fun fantasy world of Potion Punch 2! Join Lyra, a determined young alchemist…
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Go on a brand new cooking adventure in the fun fantasy world of Potion Punch 2! Join Lyra, a determined young alchemist, on an epic magical quest to cure her mentor Noam’s mysterious gnomified condition. Play as a traveling shopkeeper and run an assortment of shops; from fantastical taverns, mystical restaurants, and enchanted diners, to every magical item shop in between. A new and exciting gameplay experience awaits you in every chapter! FUN FANTASY COOKING ADVENTURES ● Journey around the world and discover a new way to play in each location. ● Combine ingredients in a dash to cook delicious food and create fantasy items. ● Test your time management skills across many addictively fun levels and game modes. ● Master fresh and original cooking game mechanics such as color mixing and more. A GROWING CAST OF UNIQUE CHARACTERS ● Win the heart of your customers and turn them into loyal patrons. ● Throw epic parties to attract, collect, and unlock new adventurers. ● Discover their stories and reap the benefits of the bonds you build. STRATEGIC UPGRADES AND DECORATIONS ● Decorate and renovate to increase your shop’s popularity in each location. ● Upgrade your equipment to survive the frantic kitchen craze and maximize your profits. ● Do it your way and choose the right upgrades for your play style. HEROES VS VILLAINS ● Summon legendary heroes and use their magic to overcome numerous challenges. ● Defend your shop against dastardly villains who are up to no good. Are you ready for a fresh and delightful fantasy cooking adventure game? Come join the fun and play Potion Punch 2 for free today! Want to get to know all of our mobile games? Twitter: @MonstronautsInc Facebook: https://facebook.com/monstronauts Instagram: https://instagram.com/monstronauts Discord: https://discord.gg/monstronauts IMPORTANT NOTES: ● You can play Potion Punch 2 completely offline, but the game does have a few online features such as daily rewards, online leaderboards, and cloud saving, that require internet access in order to function correctly. ● Potion Punch 2 is free to download and free to play, but optional items for the game can be purchased using real money. You can disable this feature in your mobile device’s settings.
Seller:Monstronauts Inc.
Genre:Adventure, Arcade, Simulation
Release:Oct 16, 2019
Updated:Jan 14, 2021
Size:280.0 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal