Potion Punch 2

Monstronauts Inc.
Are you tired of the same old kitchen cafes and regular dishes? Challenge your time-management restaurant skills with th…
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Are you tired of the same old kitchen cafes and regular dishes? Challenge your time-management restaurant skills with the sequel to the smash hit, Potion Punch! Potion Punch 2 takes the cooking fever to an all time high with baby dragons roasting ingredients, and magic wisps freezing your favorite treats or grilling your delicious steaks! Cook in ways that you've never seen before in a fast paced time-management game. Become the star chef through hundreds of levels teeming with amazing heroes and dastardly villains. Unfurl your scrolls, polish your frying pans, and open the restaurant doors, because it's time for cooking madness in Potion Punch 2! FUN MAGIC RESTAURANT GAMES ● Potion Cafe: Mix colors and brew powerful potions, and tame baby dragons to cook tasty fish. ● Enchantment Shop: Blend squid inks and stamp scrolls, and train birds to carve runes. ● Shroom Kitchen: Chop mushrooms in the night, and catch fireflies to make bright and colorful lamps. ● Sword Shop: Forge enchanted blades, and craft brilliant gemstones through smelting. ● Tropical Treats: Make frozen popsicle ice creams, dip skewers in fondue fountains, and serve honey drops ● Charm Shop: Embed sunstones or moonstones in amulets, and call on spirits to decorate enchanted fleeces. ● Steak House: Medium or well done? Sizzle steaks and serve them with gravy and olives. Top them off with delectable cheese boards. ● And more with new chapters added regularly! Each chapter brings fun new stories and fun new restaurants, cafes, kitchens, and more! UPGRADE YOUR CREW AND CAFE ● Design and decorate your shop to make delicious meals quickly, serve orders faster, and maximize profits and tips. ● Level up your heroes and magical creatures like cooking dragons, magical wisps, chopping gargoyles, and carving beavers to maximize their awesome abilities and powers. MEET AND COLLECT LOYAL CUSTOMERS ● Throw fun gacha parties and magical feasts to attract new customers from every corner of the kingdom. ● Meet every type of fantasy character: from brave knights, to powerful gods, to snarly goblins and many more. ● Join limited time events to collect fun skins, outfits, and costumes like Monkey King Nobu, Snow Queen Aeon, Franken G’larg, Space Princess Lisbeth, and The Incredible Dusk. ● Manage the madness in the kitchen by harnessing the power of heroes who can tame dragons, wield ice magic, or even control time. HEROES VS VILLAINS ● Summon legendary heroes and recruit them to overcome the challenges of running the most popular kitchen in this delicious world ● Defend your restaurants from enemies who attempt to disrupt your fast paced kitchen ● Save the kingdom one cafe at a time HUMOROUS STORY ● Follow the tale of Lyra and Noam, two alchemist entrepreneurs who have a taste for fun new adventures. ● Experience a story filled with twists and turns as you unlock your magical restaurants and fill your cooking diary with amazing stories. UNIQUE TWIST ON COOKING GAMES ● Join seasonal events and collect limited time rewards. ● Climb the leaderboards and show who’s the star chef in this delicious world. ● Fast paced combo system that rewards you for maintaining your rhythm. ● Play different modes like endless kitchen craze and mystery marathons. ● Cooking madness that doesn't need energy or life. ● Hundreds of levels with unique goals like serving a number of customers, earning a total amount of tips, making every order perfect and avoiding trash bins, and many more! ● Offline play is supported! Play whenever or wherever you want Be the ultimate shopkeeper in this simulation of various cooking games with a magical twist. Explore a fantasy world filled with delicious food to cook, incredible magic to cast, and colorful characters to meet! Download Potion Punch 2 today!
Seller:Monstronauts Inc.
Genre:Adventure, Arcade, Simulation
Release:Oct 16, 2019
Updated:Aug 09, 2021
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