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Discussion in 'Public Game Developers Forum' started by nickels, May 14, 2009.

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    I created a game in flash a while ago. Let's say I update it to work better on an iPhone. Is porting it from Flash to iPhone pretty much like starting over from scratch? Just curious. I assume it speeds up the process a little since you'd already have the assets like sounds, music, graphics, and the logic in place.

    Thanks for any insight!
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    Not for sure what other people's experience is with this but I wrote my own Flash interpreter. The most difficult part, for me anyway, was the action script event handling.
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    Actionscript shares some similarities to objectiveC, in syntax at least. SOME, mind you... not a lot. But for the most part I have been able to pull game logic from actionscript and drop it into objectiveC with only minor changes.

    That being said... this only works for scraps of code here and there. For the most part yeah, you'll be starting over if you want to create a native iPhone app from a Flash app.
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    We had similar experiences with Sheepish in that we pretty much started from scratch. Like you said the process is sped up a bit because of not having to produce assets but there is generally some time involved in rehashing your interfaces for a smaller/differently proportioned screen.

    As deadweight says you can pull out bits of code and just tidy the syntax but any code that is tied into the interface will need to written from scratch pretty much.

    At least the second time you code the game you know how everything works and you've already figured out the solutions to problems you encountered the first time so that in itself saves a LOT of time!

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