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Welcome to the PortalOne Arcade, the home of hybrid games: games, shows, and prizes! Hybrid games is a new kind of ente…
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Welcome to the PortalOne Arcade, the home of hybrid games: games, shows, and prizes! Hybrid games is a new kind of entertainment that delivers an immersive gaming experience unlike anything you've ever seen. Try our selection of hybrid games for free, and play-to-win! – GAMES – Play any game, any time, in daily 24H Tournaments, competing against your fellow players to climb the Leaderboard. Our games are easy to learn, but hard to master! – SHOWS – Tune into our shows – broadcasted inside the games! – and go head-to-head against special guests. – PRIZES – Play and win REAL prizes. Every. Single. Day. There are several ways you can win, based on luck OR skill: anyone can win in our free-to-play games! - Season Prize (00): Collect as many Tickets as possible to increase your chances of winning! - Tournament Champion (0): Achieve the highest combined Top Five scores in any game, in each 24H Tournament. - Lucky Winner (0): Try your luck! Everyone who participates in the 24H Tournament by playing one round or more gets a chance to win randomly. - Co-Lucky Winner (0): Did someone you invited via your Referral Code become the Lucky Winner? If your name is also on the Leaderboard that day, you win the same Prize! - Top 10 Winner (): Be in positions 2 to 10 on a Leaderboard at the end of the 24H Tournament. - Beat-The-Guest (): Everyone who manages to beat the guest's score during the Arcade Show gets a random chance to become one of the 10 recipients of this Prize. – HOW IT WORKS – THERE'S A GAME FOR EVERYONE The choice is yours. Some games are all about logic, timing and tactics. In others, speed and precision will bring you victory! COMPETE AGAINST YOUR FELLOW ARCADIANS Play any of our hybrid games, any time, and climb the Leaderboards in each 24H Tournament! Winners are announced at 9PM CET/ET every night inside the PortalOne app. WIN BY SKILL - OR LUCK! It doesn't matter if it's your first time playing, or if you're a seasoned Arcadian: every day, players can win real prizes by skill, or by luck. EXPERIENCE EACH GAME DIFFERENTLY, EVERY DAY Every day, each game has a new level. You can play in a variety of settings! One day, you might be in Tropical Island and the next, in Candyland, or Pinball World. GO HEAD-TO-HEAD WITH SPECIAL GUESTS Three times a week, we host the Arcade Show inside the PortalOne Arcade, where you can tune in and compete against special guests. If you beat them, you can win real prizes, and get Tickets! Which leads on to the next point... EARN TICKETS TO WIN THE GRAND PRIZE Tickets will give you the chance to win our 00 end-of-Season Grand Prize. The more tickets you have, the more chances you have to win! – SUPPORTED DEVICES – iPhone 7 or newer (iOS version 13 and above) – PRIVACY – User Agreement: https://www.portalone.com/user-agreement By installing/using the application, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the User Agreement. Please read the User Agreement (consisting of the "Terms of Service" or “Terms of Use”, “Privacy Policy” and “Contest Rules”) for the PortalOne Arcade application before installing/using the application.
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