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■ The story of "Pop Plants"
This world that was peaceful. One day a great war of angels and devils took p…
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■ The story of "Pop Plants"
This world that was peaceful. One day a great war of angels and devils took place. With this good and evil war that lasted for 100 years, most organisms on the world disappeared.

The highest god, Nero had two daughters, Creating Goddess Asha and Destruction God Tania. When a great war broke out, Asha was on the side of the angel and Tania was on the side of the devil and became conflicted with each other. Even after the war ended their relationship was not restored.

Asha who was suffering from the devastated world gathered Fairies who follow her.
Fire Fairy 'Camilla', Water Fairy 'Evan', Wind Fairy 'Isis', Earth Fairy 'Connie', Light Fairy 'Bessie' answered the call.
 Asha distributed seeds to five fairies and ordered to rebuild a brilliant and rich world again using seeds distributed in each area.

One day, Tania found Connie raising plants at the flower garden. She sends a darkness plant "Labolas", Destroy Connie's garden......

■ How to play "Pop Plants"

▶ Match 3 puzzle game where anyone can play easily

Pop Plants follows the basic playing method of match 3 puzzle game, so anyone can play easily.
Move the blocks to make the seeds and match the seeds, you can fill the seeds in the flower garden. Plant the seed of the plant that is the goal of the mission success in the flower garden and destroy the environment block according to the growth needs, the weather of the flower garden will change and the seed grows.
Fifteen kinds of plants are prepared, and new plants will be adding.

Enjoy puzzles, blossom flowers and transform into a beautiful garden scapes.

▶ You need strategic play with useful attributes and harmful attributes.
Environment events include fire, rain, strong wind, fertilizer, and the sunshine. In it, fire and strong wind are elements that obstruct the growth of plants. And rain, fertilizer and sunshine are necessary to grow of plants.

Let's grow plants with strategic play according to the condition.
It is another pleasure to see Fairies expression and gesture change due to the flower garden environment.

▶ The appearance of a powerful boss! Attack to the boss with harmful attributes!
The boss fight to which the playing method opposite to the general stage is applied is also a different enjoyment stuff.
At the boss stage, you can beat the boss with additional attacks using rock as well as harmful attributes fire and strong winds.

▶ Over 100 cute fairy costumes
If you change the Fairies with the costume you get in the Spirit Forest, you can meet your own fairies who have become more lovely at the flower garden. Also, each costume has a variety of skills to help you progress while playing the puzzle, so it's just 'Kill two birds with one stone".

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