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    Escape of cute chicks has begun! Chicks in the box: PooPoo World!

    Unknown feed dropped from a UFO appearing in the sky one day
    Chicks started to do bad things after eating that feed as if they were bewitch by something!
    You are the only person that can save the world from the PooPoo World.

    Stop them from messing around this peaceful world and turning it into the PooPoo World!

    Chicks in the box: PooPoo World is an easy, casual game. You have to remove poops (poop bomb) that explode in 5 seconds quickly by moving your fingers fast.


    - Really, Really easy game!
    - Thrilling touch!
    - Six chapters and 72 missions
    - Really cute voxel graphics and animations!
    - 12 types of pets (chicken)
    - Six kinds of mysterious items!
    - Six kinds of super powers!
    - Colorful Fever Mode!



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