pokemoncraft can be played on the ipod

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    PokemonCraft Review

    By Midnight Blaze
    PokemonCraft is a very unique game in my opinion and its one of the best online Pokemon games out there on the internet. ItÂ’s not like one of those boring Pokemon games that have you find random legendaries so easily but instead, the owner has put significant effort into this game so you enjoy a fun experience for all you Pokemon lovers. Its homepage is right here and it looks very cool. Best of all, ITS FREE!

    You start the game by registration. After you've done that, you pick a starter which you will carry throughout your adventure. Search for more Pokemon to add to your arsenal and begin challenging endless gym leaders...

    As you continue your journey you have buildings where you can enter. Two important ones are the Pokemon Center and the Market. The pokemon center is where you can heal and change the pokemon that are currently in your arsenal. The market is where you can trade and buy pokemon and items.

    A couple of other side notes...as your exciting journey continues you can check the pokedex for all pokemon you've captured, just like this pikachu right here :)Also you can chat with people online and we have special moderators known as cm's who manage the game and are more than happy to help you newcomers.

    If you are still confused on how to play, here are some tutorial videos for your viewing, hope this helps!

    Tutorial Videos- YouTube - PokemonCraft's Channel
    Tutorial Videos Part 1- YouTube - PokemonCraft Tutorial Part 1
    Tutorial Videos Part 2- YouTube - PokemonCraft Tutorial Part 2
    Tutorial Videos Part 3- YouTube - PokemonCraft Tutorial Part 3
    Tutorial Videos Part 4- YouTube - PokemonCraft Tutorial Part 4

    So What are you waiting for? If ur a Pokemon fanatic like me, you should really give this game a try...trust me when I say its one of the best Pokemon games out there.

    PokemonCraft Link- Pokemon MMORPG Online Game | Pokemon Craft

    Pokedex Link- Pokedex - Pokemon Pokedex - Pokemon Diamond & Platinum Pokedex
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    OMG no waiz, is it liek minecraft but with pokemans?

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