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    May 30, 2012
    Hry guys,

    Begging your pardon, but since I love Touch Arcade and since what discuss certainly falls under the topic of hand held gaming, I wanted to invite any and everyone to my Face Book group. ...

    POCKETMEGO'S Pocket Gaming

    Group name: Pockermego's Pocket Gaming.
    Group description:
    This group is dedicated to Portable and Handheld gaming. From its roots as simple led games, through the Gameboy/Lynx/Game Gear era, and straight on to now with Tablets, Phones, the 3DS and the Vita.
    Addding Members rule:
    TO ALL CURRENT MEMBERS ! Thanks for the support guys! PLEASE REMEMBER to share and spread the word ! DO NOT just add people but instead let people know about the group and what it's about and send them a link, we will be glad to accept any and all you personally request to join! Just like my own groups we want this one to be about quality over quantity so it is a closed group that we hope to slowly build up from people who personally chose to be here ! THANKS GANG! THE FUTURE OF GAMING IS MOBILE SO LETS DO IT IN STYLE !
    Contact Mail Admin or post to group :

    Any and everyone here is welcome, including and especially our humble Touch Arcade writers, editors, and staff.

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