Universal Pocket Rush (by redBit games)

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by lSoLlAKirA, Sep 28, 2016.

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    Sep 29, 2016
    Glad you like the game!
    Let's reply point by point:

    Your opponents in single player will use cars similar to the one you drive (both slightly better and slightly worse). They do not "copy" Vigogreens though: if you use a well boosted car you will win easier, since AI opponents always have zero Vigogreens.
    In any case, the best use for them is in Challenge and Tournament mode of course.

    The rubber band is indeed real, but this is almost mandatory in arcade racing games... We have a very heterogenous userbase, including both pro players and first timers, so we need to keep them all in some sort of "average range of difficulty". Some players would just let "natural" AI eat their dust, some of them will crash at every corner... Rubber band AI was the best choice, we thought; maybe it just need some more balancing. But it's not so evil, it also helps you if you are doing too bad!

    I personally love Trackmania and was a very good player back then! But for Pocket Rush we preferred some funny bumper to bumper battles. :)

    The timer thingy is a selector for the ghost in the track; it shouldn't reset though, this may just be a bug! Thanks for noticing. "Local" means it's your best local time... Local as "not someone's online record". :D
    Then there is "Next" (blue marker) for the nearest player online who has a better time than yours, and "Best" (red marker), which is the world best time on that track. ;)
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    Oct 13, 2016
    Thanks for the answers! BTW I'm experiencing some lag on my iPhone 5SE. It's intermittant and feels like low fps. The game is still playable, but it happens usually once or twice per race, lasting 3-4 seconds roughly.
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    Have you seen the latest, spooky, halloween update? :)

    Isn't it cute?
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    Localization & ASO
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    Just installed the game! Looks fun from the first sight!!! Gj, devs!:)

    I noticed several localization bugs in the Russian version the game. How can I report them?

    Otherwise, I'd like you to consider adding a map to see and be prepared for the next turn! Or at least signs on a track like on real tracks (150 meters to turn, 100, 50)

    Oh yeah, the game size. Now it's 430 mb!!! Tooo much!FYI: that really a reason for postponing it even neglecting the game to download. I wanna see it optimized or made like a obb file ( when you download next levels I Sude the game as it goes like in criminal case)

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