Pocket Putt Disc Golf [Coming SOON]

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    Hi everyone, just wanted to announce my first iPhone/Pod game:

    Pocket Putt Disc Golf (discgolf2go.com)

    UPDATE (11-21-10): First Video!

    Pocket Putt is a casual arcade game where you see how many shots you can make while avoiding obstacles and judging wind conditions. I'm a BIG fan of disc golf and, as you may guess, was heavily inspired by Paper Toss. It's amazing though, the iPhone/Pod interface really does lend itself perfectly to this type of game. So it really gets me excited to make the best disc golf game out there.


    There will be a number of different levels and the game incorporates a sort of "frisbee physics" which makes it slightly more challenging than a game like Paper Toss. There will also be a few fun surprises too. This is the first in a series of disc golf games I'm hoping to release under the brand DiscGolf2Go. If all goes well, later games will have full courses and different types of discs to throw.

    the website is http://www.discgolf2go.com
    and I have a facebook page/developer blog HERE
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    If you've never played or even heard of Disc Golf, it's a really fun sport. While there is a legit pro league and competitive scene, for the most part it's a casual sport perfect for anyone. If you have no idea what it is, check out this great video from AceRunners.

    I'll have more screens and a gameplay vid shortly!

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    I hope this turns out well. I love disc golf and live right by a nine hole course.
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    Thanks! I hope you like it too! I've just been finishing up two more levels. One is the typical PaperToss wind level. The basket is far in the distance on an open field and after each shot the wind changes speed and switches from left to right. It's standard, but really fun.

    The newest level though is the hardest one yet, instead of a constant wind, I'm using a dynamic breeze system. Ever go to throw a disc only to have the wind pick up just as you release? It can be a pain, all of a sudden your disc banks far to the right! That's why you have to take clues from the environment! By listening to the sound of the wind and watching it blow along the grass.

    It's a subtle, but cool effect that I think really makes it feel like you are outside on the course. It's hard to capture in a screenshot so I'm going to be making a video pretty soon so you all can see it :)
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    Hey everyone, finally was able to get a gameplay recording done. It's of the first two levels.

    Sorry that it's blurry. I'm still trying to master the art of recording an ipod screen. Does anyone have any tips on the best ways to video record an iphone/pod screen and have it remain clear? Like lighting conditions or type of camera? I want to do more videos of the other levels at some point, so I hope I can figure this out!! :)

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