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    I made a magic utility app.
    Not sure how many magicians are out there using an iphone or touch.
    Either way, this is very easy to perform and even amateurs can look pro.=)

    Here is the Apple store description with a video.

    You will need your own real cards to perform this. It is not like the many other magic apps that uses nothing besides the iphone itself to do the trick.

    Introducing one of the most amazing tricks you can play on your friends with your iphone or touch.
    Pocket Gimmick can be used for many things:
    - Have a friend pick a card and then magically know their card!
    - Set down 5 cards and have a spectator choose one card. Pocket Gimmick will know the card chosen!
    - Have the spectator cut the deck to any card then Pocket Gimmick will reveal the chosen card!
    - Put down cards and scan the backs to reveal the card!

    --The Gimmick--
    Pull out a deck of cards and tell someone that you want to show them this cool app you have that can scan cards on your iphone.

    Have your friend pick a card. Pull out your iphone and start up Pocket Gimmick. Have your friend place their card on the iphone.

    Touch the scan button and after 5 seconds of bright lights and weird sounds have your friend pull the card off.

    See your friend's face in shock as the selected card is shown scanned on the iphone!

    Your friend does not believe it! HAVE THEM PICK ANOTHER CARD!

    Repeat the scanning process and see your friend be floored when it shows that second card selected now scanned on the iphone screen!

    For good measure grab another card and TURN IT SIDEWAYS to scan.

    Once again Pocket Gimmick shows the 3rd card scanned on the iphone SIDEWAYS!

    Can be performed with as little as 2 cards or an entire deck!

    - Directions in audio form
    - Works right out of your pocket
    - Very easy to do
    - Website directions and videos


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