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  1. melontruck

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    May 9, 2011
    My 7th independent game Physics Mini Game Slots is now out for iPhone. Below are the details as well as some screen shots. It is currently available in iTunes AppStore for Free.

    iTunes Link:

    App Description:
    Physics Based Progressive Jackpot Slot Machine with 3 Physics Based Mini Games!

    Physics Mini Game Slots is a unique slot machine game that brings you Vegas style entertainment. Physics based 2D game engine delivers a powerful, real looking slot machines that can't be matched in any other casino app.


    Game play consists of betting any amount you wish and spinning the reel with the option to "Auto Bet". Physics Mini Game Slots features 20-Lines of Vegas Style betting with Free Games rewarded for the right winning combination. With Physics Mini Game Slots, you will also get Progressive Jackpot, Game Center integration to compete against your friends, and a Bonus Free Spins or Bonus Free Game.


    Physics Mini Game Slots gives bonus credits every 60 minutes. Play once every hour to claim your bonus credits. Each 5 spins takes off 1 minute from the next bonus reward time. So the more your play, the more free credits you will get!!


    Physics Mini Game Slots is an independent game.

    - 20 Line Slot Machine
    - 3 Physics Based Mini Games (unlock by playing)
    - Casino Style Lighting
    - Free Spin Bonus
    - Progressive Jackpot
    - Bonus credits for active play
    - Game Center integration
    - Auto Bet feature


    This will be the last slot machine I'll create on the Physics Casino Series...Enjoy!

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    Sep 30, 2012
    I've never understood slots etc games on iOS. I mean you can't really win any real money but you pay money to play (in the end). It would be great if you could get iTunes credits by playing these :)

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