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    Mar 2, 2020
    Play on your smartphone in VR! Or in normal mode!
    Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of plush and mimicry with your new beast friends and interesting sounds. In VR mode, play without a controller. There is a normal mode and a VR game mode. Change characters, win exclusive cards and characters in the wheel of fortune, go through various levels and meet new friends-animals.
    This is a small shooter that you can play your cardboard.
    Evil enemies will try to defeat you, upgrade weapons and return to them.
    Play and do not forget to leave a review.

    Google Play link:

    :eek:-Normal and VR mode!
    ;)-Can play VR without controller!
    :D-improve skins, weapons!
    :)-Turn the wheel of fortune and buy new levels!
    :p-interesting sounds.
    :eek:- simple and intuitive controls.
    :)-possibility to offer us your development options.

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