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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by schplurg, Jan 21, 2009.

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    I've been looking for a game like Plop, or ReMovem. You know, the ol' match-3 bubbles games. There's one on Linux (bleh) Ubuntu that got me through work boredom when the servers went down. I'd love a similar game for my iPhone.

    Any opinions on the best one? Ones I've looked at:

    Seems popular and tried the freebie, but a few of the colors are too similar for me, being somewhat colorblind. Turning on the symbols makes the game look ugly and not much easier to play. Plus I don't want to have to double-tap to remove balls. Seems like they could fit more columns on the screen too.

    Looks cool actually. Easy colors. Lots of rows and columns. Not sure about the "tilt the phone to rearrange them" feature though. Has enough columns of balls onscreen. One or two touch play. Online leaderboard. Seems there are "levels" in this one though. Are there random puzzles too? Considering this one a lot.

    Noticed this one today. Screenshots look great, colors etc. Not sure what the extra features though and if they might ruin the game.

    Surely there are many others I've missed.

    To sum it up, what I'd like is:
    - good "separation of colors for clorblindness
    - as many rows and columns as possible
    - online leaderboard for replayability
    - one touch play preferred

    Okay, so I'm picky!
    So far I like FreeFall, and maybe Plop
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    Oct 10, 2008
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    I usually refer to "Sega Swirl" as that type of matching game, but most people tend not to remember that Dreamcast game. ;)

    Since you like this game, might I also suggest Smiles Zen (blatant plug). It's not exactly what you're asking for, but you may like it. Instead of clearing the board, it's about lighting up the board. It uses colors and distinct shapes to make it easier for colorblindness, and uses a single touch to swap (no swipes required). Plus, you can also actually win most puzzles, and not get stuck with some random single color on top you can't do anything with. It's more like a combination of a Plop/Sega Swirl and Solitaire.

    You can see Smiles Zen in action in this video, at about 1:18 in.
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    WiFi Freefall is interesting indeed tho I didn't like the pink interface and balls seem a bit small in the screenshot.

    reMovem has a simple interface, not so small balls but I see what you mean about balls color. This game and the previous one have a web high score board rather than a built in one (which is not good of course).

    Plop! uses the landscape orientation. It has tiles about the same size of reMovem I think. It seems that it does not have online high score and it uses symbols instead balls. It does not qualify for you as far as I can see.

    Maybe you could consider Animalz. It does not have online high score yet but its balls are big and easy to read. However, the game has special tiles (the animals) that once touched make all balls around it rotate. I think I'll suggest a mode without these special balls so we'll have a pure pop-up game.

    Here's the Animalz forum topic link.


    PS: PoV games are really, really polished. You have to consider them anyway. And get the full Smiles!

  4. schplurg

    schplurg Well-Known Member

    Smiles DOES look cool. It is different but I like it. Considering that one too.

    Well at least with the iPhone we have choices!

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