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    Hey all, Plonk is a freebie in the top 25 right now. Its closest analogue is Bejeweled, but you can elminate any group of 2 or more just by tapping on it. In classic mode, you have 60 seconds, just like Blitz in Bejeweled. Eliminate a big enough group and you get a multiplier. Soon thereafter, if your playing well, power-ups start falling, and if used well, and lucky, you can get your multiplier way up. Doesnt sound like anything special, but its actually quite fun. Second best freebie I have picked up in quite a while. (Best being Mr. Aah!). Survivor mode is a bit of an odd bug, because there are no points, your score is the level you got to. Since the levels start unfailable and get exponentially harder starting at 8, you'll probably get stuck on the same level for many games.

    I dont see a thread on Plonk, and yes, I searched. At free its worth a download.

    Edit: *&^!, screwed up the ap title, its Plock, not Plonk. Maybe a mod can help me!
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    This game has already replaced curse words in my house since it is the devil.

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