iPhone Playtesters sought for 'hardcore' sci-fi shooter

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    Sep 16, 2012
    (posted elsewhere, but we're hoping to widen the search)

    hi all

    we're nearing completion of our first game, a single-player sci-fi shooter for iPad, running on Unreal.

    We've only shown it to a few folks, so far - in the interest of getting some 'real-world' exposure we wanted to see if anyone's interested in kicking the tires. All you need is:
    • a second or third generation iPad
    • a little extra time and an interest in helping us make (what we feel is) a good game, better - candid criticism is great, but the constructive kind's even better

      If you think you'd be interested, PM us with your contact info (email) and a word or two about what games you like/have been playing... It's shaping up to be pretty punishing, so serious shooter and shmup fans' feedback is especially welcome!

      thanks in advance (and apologies if this is all a little vague - trying to steer clear of shameless self-promotion). While we're not yet ready to show off screens or video, here's some character art to whet the appetite...

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