Play Seven Raccoons and Win a Tablet (until 17.04.2022)

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  1. Edgaroons

    Edgaroons New Member

    Mar 26, 2022
    Good day everyone!

    Game development company Smart Raccoons from Latvia is inviting everyone to try a new card matching game SEVEN RACCOONS and win Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite.


    Everyone who will complete 50 batches of the Classic game until 17.04.2022 15:00 (GMT +2) will validate for the lottery.
    Results will be published on our Facebook page and the winner will be contacted by registered e-mail.

    SEVEN RACCOONS is a super-fun multiplayer card matching game with dynamic game-play and adrenalin of a poker game.
    Check it out on Android and iOS and try your luck in the lottery.

    Read our full press release here.

    Good luck in the game!
    And stay Raccoonized!

    seven raccoons 1.jpg
  2. iANiMeX

    iANiMeX Well-Known Member

    Jun 10, 2011
    Trying my luck
  3. I am not sure why I am not seeing any updates on FB about this lucky draw. I thought the game is pretty decent despite the instructions is a little sparse. Also I am not sure if I am a big fan of the element of urgency with online play, seems that I always have to be rushing to make a decision. Good luck.

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