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    The Upcoming trailers and links are below, with a little information about us.

    This is an invitation to TOUCH ARCADE users to help us launch this great charitable organisation ‘Play For Humanity’.

    Play For Humanity (PFH) publishes free games and collects donations for many non-profit organisations such as Operation Smile.

    The help we require form you.
    We would like you to support us launch and market Play For Humanity, we solely rely on volunteers and your help is very important to us. You could help us by advising on our current media, details below.

    Play For Humanity website

    Play For Humanity games, currently we have 6 games ready to be launched:

    Play For Humanity FaceBook page

    Just Giving donations page:

    You can support use by any means, however here are some areas we think we can improve on.
    1. What do you think of our media links above?
    2. How do you think we should advertise our launch? Touch Arcade sponsors; youtube reviewer etc?
    3. What do you think of the game trailers?
    4. What do you think of the organisation?
    5. What do you think of the games?
    6. When do you think we should launch the games?

    Contact us here or via our other communication methods you find easy.

    Like our FaceBook page and drop us a message

    Drop us an Email:

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