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    Nov 10, 2009
    Hi guys, i have currently finished developing the core mechanics for a platformer

    - Coins/Collectables
    - Star Ratings
    - Obstacles (moving platforms/traps/lazers/mines e.t.c)
    - Shooting

    But my problem is im im stuck between the theme for my game. I am currently tossing up 2 ideas

    - Medieval theme. Heavily inspired by assassins creed setting it would have some mature elements that go with that time period (tyrants/kings/hangings/death e.t.c), but because i am doing the art all myself it will be pixel art flavoured.
    - More 80s style theme. Taking a much more humous themes it would be a flashback to all the awesome 80s films (rambo/predator), all very tongue in cheek. Would play abit more like metal slug, with lots of guns/explosions

    I am open to any other possible themes. Ive studied pretty much all the popular platformers on ios and obviously want todo something that sets it apart slightly more.

    What setting would you like to see in a platformer ?
  2. Darth Ronfar

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    Nov 20, 2011
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    The medieval setting is good but how about a game where you can incorporate the powers of the bosses you defeat? (like in Megaman)

    I'm not sure how that would work out but it sounds cool, for example you could have a knights power then a sorceres an archer etc...
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    How about this story? Ignore the word choices though, as i am making this impromptu. It can be re-wrote with choice words. LOL


    Knight loyal to a king, tried to save king who was murdered and was he ended up being the one blamed for the king's murder.

    Knight overheard in his prison that he can be free still if there was proof that there was another murderer and that he needs to be revealed. Knight escaped his death punishment, and went on a quest to prove his innocence.

    While on his quest, one country in particular saw the opportunity to invade a country without a king. This interested country was ruled by an evil sorcerer and he employs 7 demons to invade the knight's kingdom.

    During his investigation to find the king's murderer, while in a nearby town, one of the demons appeared. Knight was able to defend the town, but has to remain anonymous because he's still being hunted. He learned from the demon that it was one of them who murdered the king, but didnt tell who, and died. After the demon died, the demons powers transferred into the knight, giving him some of the demon's abilities.

    The knight then tracks the demons wherever they will attack. after killing a second demon, the knight realizes his physical form is changing, but couldnt tell the cause of it. The knight kills a third and a fourth demon, and his changes are becoming more visible. Only then does he realize he is changing into a demon himself.

    The knight is in between choosing to prove his innocence but turn into a demon in the process, or stay in hiding. The knight decides to stay hiding until he heard of a story in a tavern from an old drunk who noticed his scaly arm that that is some demon curse he is afflicted with and the remedy is in one of the demons. This forced the knight to keep on hunting and finally was able to kill the 7 demons. He was a demon himself now though, and he was powerful, but hideous... and he was losing his temper and his thinking was more of a demon now than a human there are moments his actions are those of a demon.

    While absorbing the 7th demon's powers, he also gained knowledge that the evil sorcerer is actually the 8th demon, and is the father of all the 7 demons he slayed. He then sought after the evil sorcerer to kill him and remove the demon curse off him.

    During his fight with the evil sorc, the sorc reminded the knight how he failed to save the king when the sorc was killing him. The sorc was actually the one who murdered the king. Knight killed the evil sorc, gained his powers, and gained knowledge that the healing done to him was only for his mind. He still looks like a demon, and not like the knight he was before. But he could think clearly like when he was still human.

    He saved the kingdom, but was hunted by the people he saved, so he went to hiding. On his cave, he screamed at his fate. End.
  4. Darth Ronfar

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    Nov 20, 2011
    Animal related
    ^ ya thats good... Make that game

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