Universal PLANET QUEST - New Rhythm Game for iOS out very soon!

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    Hi Guys,

    Our new Rhythm Game “Planet Quest” will be out on the App Store this week for free! I’m the SFX/Music guy who worked on it (Simon) posting on the behalf of all of us at OutOfTheBit. Here’s a teaser trailer:

    The Game:

    It’s a simple tap to play cosmic rhythm game; you need to get the UFO to abduct the animals by tapping in time with the melodies or by repeating the rhythms.

    If you are out of time with the music or zap a flower you lose a heart, pretty simple...but the game doesn't stop until you do, so every time you clear a planet it’s on to the next one but with a faster tempo!

    There are lots of different planets with different styles of music ranging from Reggae, Heavy Metal, Drum & Bass and many others, with the possibility to add an infinite amount more.

    The game is endless with an aim to get as high a score as possible and climb the online leaderboard, getting perfect timing increases your score and adds to your combo multiplier. If you are good enough to reach #1st place you unlock the ad-free version of the game as a reward!

    How we made it:

    We created our own custom tools for Planet Quest. For the graphics we use our Stork editor, which our designer uses on the iPad to finger paint the characters, planets and all the vector graphics in the game:

    Our Stork Editor

    This allows for quick iteration and perfect scalability (Is that a word?).

    For the audio, we created Songbird, a music tracker system that can play back anywhere to 100 samples at once with real-time audio effects. It reads a custom .midi file format which can include automation of pitch, pan, volume, echo and the like. This means the game has 20mb of audio files (our samplebank) that can be reused an unlimited amount of ways, allowing us to have potentially an infinite amount of music in a mobile app under 30mb file size.



    Raw Gameplay:

    Web stuff:

    We’ll be sure to update this week when the game is out.

    I'm happy to answer any questions you may have!

    Thanks for reading!!

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