Planes vs Zombies

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    Hey guys !
    I glad to present to you my upcoming Mobile game (IOS and Android maybe desktop later ) Planes Vs Zombies (The name is a kinda of problem since it's too similar to Plantes vs Zombies so i'm definetly gonna change it)

    About the game:The game take place in apocalyptic world where zombies take over the entire planet and human must survive.
    You play as pilot of a small plane and your main goal is to deliver packages to different points of the map and also avoiding the zombies that hang on your plane to make you crash !
    To avoid those annoying zombies you have to shake the plane in every possible positions or maybe shoot them before they hang on the plane it all up to you captain !
    facebook page:
    Here is a screenshot featuring the main menu of the game and also some videos showing the game-play and the menu.​

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