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  1. se7e11

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    May 18, 2013
    No it's actually very easy when you realise to start in Central Africa where there's about 400k monkeys and evolve simian neuro-genesis straight away.
  2. Gov

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    Jun 24, 2013
    okay, so mega brutal is easy... hmm, we need a new difficulty mode named - Death.
  3. se7e11

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    May 18, 2013
    Somewhat guide for Simian Flu (Mega Brutal difficulty)

    Hello all,

    Here's a (somewhat) guide for Simian Flu on Mega Brutal Difficulty.

    Start with this Genetic Code (although it's not set in stone)
    Metabolic Hijack
    ATP Overdose
    Together Strong

    !!!It's much harder to win this game if any Neuro Enhancements randomly evolve early in the game just because of how much faster the cure rate will shoot up. In fact, it may even be better to just quit and start over.

    Start your disease in Central Africa

    Evolve Simian Neuro-Genesis almost immediately (if you want to save up a few points that's quite ok)

    Evolve in no particular order:
    Sebaceous excretion
    Inter genus dissemination
    Cutaneous transfer

    Evolve Ape Colonies ABILITY
    Build Ape Colony in Central Africa

    Cognitive shift
    Social Cohesion
    Ape Migration

    Build second Colony in Africa, preferably as close as possible towards Europe and/or China because that's where you will most likely migrate to next.

    Evolve Water 1 & Air 1

    Evolve Organised Travel ABILITY
    Evolve Logistics
    Evolve Seafaring

    Migrate Central Africa colony to Brazil
    Migrate the other African colony to Germany or China (bear in mind it's important to not wait too long before creating a third colony to move towards Germany or China, whichever country you haven't migrated to yet)

    Evolve Hominidae Bridge - You'll get a lot of red infection bubbles popping up which should enable you to immediately:

    Create third colony in Africa

    Evolve Cold 1
    Evolve Drug Resistance 1

    Move third colony to Germany or China.

    Evolve Ape Rampage

    Evolve Cold 2
    Evolve Primal Hunt
    Evolve Drug Resistance 2

    From here on out go its better to play own way as the randomness of the game makes it hard to give one exact walkthrough. However I can tell you at this point in the game its more important to focus on transmissions among the human population rather than the monkeys.

    Also bear in mind at some point you will have to migrate monkeys down towards Australia and New Zealand using the colony in China, as well as up towards Iceland and Greenland using the colony in Germany. Thirdly you will have to migrate your Brazilian colony up to the U.S. and Canada unless you get lucky and have intelligent apes evolve in Mexico. If this happens create a new colony there and wait until its grown sufficiently in size before migrating to Canada.

    Keep an eye out for research labs popping up and squash them with your Rampage ability. You shouldn't have an issues destroying the labs almost immediately as you will more or less have a handful of intelligent monkeys in every country by then.

    Please feel free to carry on trying to use the rest of this walkthrough to finish the game however it may not work since the game is somewhat random.

    Evolve Bird 1 (only evolve Bird 2 if you get the bird migration notification)
    Evolve Air 2
    Evolve Water 2

    Focus all your efforts now on lethal & cure disrupting symptoms.
    I find it easier to go for the regular lethal symptoms instead of evolving all the Neuro Enhancements to reach Total Brain Death.

    Evolve Fomites 1, 2 if you're struggling to infect Canada and New Zealand.

    At this point the population should be dying off very quickly.

    Hope this works as well as it did for me.
  4. Gov

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    Jun 24, 2013
    Hi, i hope the developer doesn't mind... but i decided to edit the in-game music to the one in Plague: Evolved. I just prefer that. So now i can listen to the superior version on my mobile!

    If anyone want the edited file.. just PM me, and i will tell you where to place it, and remove the other file.

    Have a listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uP4UF1m6-Kc
  5. Silver-Vox

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    Mar 8, 2013
    A jailbroken/rooted device is needed right?
  6. ElitePanzer

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    Mar 3, 2013
    Pretty good, I like the rising intensity at the beginning.
  7. Gov

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    Jun 24, 2013
    Nope, you don't need a jailbroken iPhone or iPad. All you need iFunbox or iTools on your PC. There's probably other methods to, but not sure.

    All you must do is open plague.app folder and paste new music file into the folder (replacing the original) then reboot idevice to see changes.
  8. se7e11

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    May 18, 2013
    New disease suggestion; sterilisation (thank you, Utopia)

    Hi all

    Got bored, got drunk, got creative.

    In the spirit of English TV and the amazing show that is Utopia my idea for a new disease would be playing as The Network whose ultimate goal is to sterilise the entire world.
    This could open up new possibilities on how to play the game itself, especially within Abilities and each individual country.

    As the network you create, stage, execute and control world events to support the ultimate goal of sterilising the entire world.

    The player can access and orchestrate events upon countries that are refusing to yield to The Network's scheme. Using bribery and corruption players can cause events such as starvation, flooding, coup d'etat's and "terrorist attacks" to help infect the country inhabitants or silence world leaders against the sterilisation plans.

    This allows for two types of currency; your traditional plague points used to develop and devolve your disease, and money currency to use as The Network to facilitate your evil, grand scheme.

    One trophy, in the spirit of Utopia, is to silence a paranoid group conspiracy nuts trying to reveal The Network's nefarious plans to the world.

    I know this isn't technically a disease but I think it would be a lot of fun to control a shadowy organisation where earning money to help facilitate your virus is equally as important as earning plague points to grow your disease.

    I feel it would be nice to have more interaction within each country rather than just statistics to read. As great as those stats are, I have never found it necessary to look at them before continuing the game, even with countries I can't seem to infect.

    Anyways, just another drop in the well of creativity and contributions.
  9. Kayg0000

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    Jun 26, 2012
    Help please

    I've come back to plague inc after a while away. Please can someone provide a guide to simian on casual so I can quickly get the simian DNAs. Thanks
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    Mar 14, 2013
  11. ElitePanzer

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    Mar 3, 2013
    So I was playing simian flu on casual and I was just seeing what combos I could get with the apes and I was trying to infect New Zealand at the same time. pretty close to the end, I saw this message about paranoia about my disease making zombies, which caused researchers to waste time looking into it. Anyone else get this?

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    Jul 10, 2014
    That's pretty awesome! I haven't got it yet.
  13. Silver-Vox

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    Mar 8, 2013
    So I am replacing my iPhone 3GS to a 4S but I don't want to lose my progress of Plague Inc. Does anybody know if it is possible to keep my progress via ifunbox or a program like that? Thanks it advance.
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    Oct 31, 2013
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    Plague Inc. Score bugs (using game center)

    Hello everyone! Just wondering if somebody could share some info with me (two questions).

    First: so, I was playing the Simian Flu on Plague Inc. (v. 1.9.1) on my iPhone 4, and when I checked in to Game Center I saw that my stats had been removed. I don't recall what number I ranked, but it was pretty high up (top 5% according to previous versions of Game Center, which used to offer this info), and now I just appear to be as "not ranked" (which is BS considering the amount of hours I've played the game). Does anybody have any idea why this bug could have been caused? It happened overnight and it wasn't due to any software updates (I haven't updated anything in a while).

    Second: does anybody have any idea why the top 3 scores of the Game Center/ in-app score chart are exactly 50M? Is this a hack? Is this the result of a score cap? Do the scores follow a verifying process in any way? Could anybody offer any verified information on this topic? Replies would be appreciated.

    Thanks! :)
  15. Ndemic Creations

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    New update out everyone - Infect the world with Happiness as Santa's Little Helper :)
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    I'm loving the weird dynamics of the new epidemic, but still am pleading, at least on a local level, please track top scores of EACH scenario/plague type since a single score leaderboard makes no sense anymore.

    I remember you've promised this feature in the past. :)
  17. kofrman13

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    May 29, 2009
    Just got this and whenever I open Plague inc. On my iPhone 6, it automatically crashes back to springboard every time. I've reinstalled it and also rebooted my phone multiple times. Anyone else have this issue?
  18. HannahMP

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    Mar 15, 2014
    Speed Runs and achievement sync issues

    Hello all!

    I'm still enjoying this game when there are things I still haven't completed, however I'm frustrated with what I have left! Which is speed runs. I've gotten 5 biohazards for bacteria, virus, parasite, nano-virus and neurax worm. I've gotten 4 for fungus, prion, and bio-weapon, three for necroa and 0 for simian flu. Any suggestions would be appreciated (and yes I saw a post with strategies earlier in the forum and they helped a bit, but not enough).

    Also, has anyone else had issues with achievements syncing between their device and amazon gamecircle? I've gotten all the achievements in the game, but my kindfire says I haven't gotten the "film fanatic" achievement while amazon game circle says I haven't gotten "great escape". Frustrating!
  19. plaguehater

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    Mar 18, 2015
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    Hello. These are my times. A lot of them aren't that great because once I get 5 biohazards I stop trying!

    Bacteria - 355
    Virus - 252
    Fungus - 195
    Parasite - 328
    Prion - 342
    Nano Virus - 238
    Bio Weapon - 196!
    Neurax - 196
    Necroa - 297
    Simian - 370 (0 biohazard)

    I think simian is impossible! They need to increase the number of days for biohazards!

    I got 195 days on fungus using the exact strategy on Page 308 of this thread. I just got lucky with random infections and mutations. Was stuck around 205 days for a while.

    For necroa I just followed the strategy here:


    I got prion before I saw the strategy on Page 308, so I never tried that. I'm not really sure what I did.

    I mainly wanted to comment on bio-weapon. I don't think it's possible to get 5 biohazard with the strategy on Page 308. This is my latest strategy that gets me the best times. [edit: I finally got the 5 biohazards!]

    China - ATP Boost, Native, Sympto, Darwin, Urbo


    Coughing, Sneezing, Pneumonia
    Rash, Sweating, Lesions
    Cysts, Abscesses
    Oedema, Diarrhoea, Vomiting

    Water1, Drug1, Water2, Bird 1&2, Necrosis
    Drug2, Heat1, Cold1, Heat2, Cold2, Dysentery
    Environmental Hardening, Systemic Infection

    Toss in Hypersensitivity, Anaemia+Haemophilia, and Fever whenever you can do it without really slowing down the order above.

    Finally, increase lethality fast as you can; transmissions only if you have extra DNA- esp. Insect & Air (Morocco is almost always the hangup at the end - once in a while Greenland or Caribbean don't get infected)

    A few tips:

    If you don't get 10 DNA right away to evolve Rat1 then start over. Sometimes I get 9 on the first red bubble and sometimes 10. You can't get a good run if you waste time waiting at the start. But, don't actually evolve Rat1 before the Speed Run pop up. It seems to mess up the starting country bonus.

    Do symptoms Coughing through Vomiting in the order above. It always works best for me. If you don't have Lesions and a million or so infected by 6-7 weeks in, you might as well start over. You won't get a good run. (Though I usually go a bit further in case I get a good mutation).

    Hope for Dysentery or Necrosis to mutate around 3 months in. I'm pretty sure it's the only way to get 5 biohazard. You pretty much have to get some lucky mutations to get the 5 biohazard. Only devolve Organ Failure if it comes early.

    Be flexible! Adjust the order of transmissions and abilities depending on mutations and what countries are infected.

    I'm pretty sure 200 is the line for 5 biohazard on both fungus and bio-weapon. 202 was 4 biohazards.

    If someone has a better bio-weapon strategy please post it!!
  20. HannahMP

    HannahMP New Member

    Mar 15, 2014
    Thank you so much for posting! It kept me trying fungus with the same strategy and I finally got it after trying that exact strategy for months!!!!!! On the same day I was also able to finally complete the prion speedrun, but can't remember what strategy I used.

    Also, thank you for posting your bioweapon strategy. I was able to get 5 biohazards in the speed run after trying it for a few days.

    I'm still stuck at 3 biohazards for necroa, even after trying the fast strategy posted on Yo It's Spicy. And no biohazards for simian flu. Help anyone?!

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