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    Sep 21, 2022
    Pixel Shrine JINJA, a shrine building defense game, is now available globally!


    Pixel Shrine JINJA is a shrine building defense game based on ancient Japanese shrine.
    Players can create beautiful shrines in a world of pixel art.

    *Game Flow
    Players design the layout of the shrine, receive resources from visiting worshipers, and reinforce the building to prepare for incoming enemies. Then, by defeating their enemies, they acquire new objects and make their shrines even bigger. Other players can visit the shrine, and friend registration between players is also available.


    Other features include a water flow function. Players can place a water source anywhere on the map and let water flow to the site. Depending on the player's ideas, they can create waterfalls of varying heights or build bridges over streams.

    The game also features a wide variety of characters. As the characters grow, they learn special skills, so be sure to combine them well to defend the shrine from enemies.

    Pixel Shrine JINJA is a unique and profound game about creation, ingenuity, and development.
    We hope you will enjoy it.

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