Pixel Crazy - Music Themed Platformer

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    Nov 22, 2015
    Pixel Crazy
    Coming Soon​

    Pixel Crazy is a music themed auto running platformer. I know you may have seen too many of these, but mine comes with an awesome twist. The obstacles are music beats them selves and the player has to master all the beats to become the Beat Master. The game begins with one style of beat and then through the progression more and more different behaving beast are introduced. The gameplay is simple tap to jump, avoid the beats complete the levels. The game has 50 levels in all introducing new beats every 10 levels, and I’m working on some more with double jumps and other cool mechanics. The game is still in development and I am working on fixes and other tweaks.

    I'm attaching a video of some gameplay (Please watch in 1080p60Fps) :

    Please let me know what you guys think. Honest feedback and criticism is appreciated.

    I looking for Beta Testers. If any one is interested please leave your Apple ID in the comments below.

    Thank You.
    Aditya Natarajan.

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