iPad Pivots, a pattern matching number puzzle game

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    Developer here, I just thought I'd share my first ever game here. It started as a side project to learn Swift but I ended up working full time on it the last few months because I enjoyed it so much. (I've been full time iOS dev for about 4 years, and yes I have side projects making iPhone apps. Perhaps a bit silly I know.) After many many gameplay tweaks it's finally out on the store.

    Pivots is a game about racing the clock to add rows and columns of numbers to 15. It uses a unique new mechanic of rotating 2x2 squares in a larger 5x5 grid of numbers. Find patterns, add the numbers, and rotate to score high. If you like sudoku you'll love Pivots.

    As you get matches you add time to the clock to keep going, failed moves will subtract time. As you progress, each level speeds up the clock and adds a multiplier to your scoring. Race against the clock and see how far you can go.

    I'd love to get your feedback

    Price: Free with 1 ad after game, and an IAP to remove said ad.

    App Preview

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