Universal Pirate Kings!!! (By paditech paditech)

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    Pirate Kings!!!
    By paditech paditech
    You are the pirate captain. Your mission is discover and conquer new islands .
    Take the helm, and let’s set sail!

    - Tap the left side of screen to move left and tap the right side of screen to move right.
    - Avoid enemies and collect all the stars if you can.
    - Your goal is to find the door.
    - If you do have not enough stars, you can not open the way to another island.
    - Continue by opening the map and picking the land you have unlocked.

    Now take begin your journey and become a pirate king!

    - 40 maps to unlock
    - Cute characters.
    - Lots of enemies.
    - Star trophies.
    - 2 Game Center Leaderboards to compete with your friends.
    - Share your trophies on Facebook or Twitter.
    Link download: https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/pirate-kings!!!/id979839987?mt=8

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