A "make yourself" pinball crafting game inspired by Minecraft (thanks, Notch!).

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A "make yourself" pinball crafting game inspired by Minecraft (thanks, Notch!).

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"If you already own some of the App Store's many great pinball titles, you'll probably be on the lookout for something a little bit different. If so, PinballCraft is worth checking out."

-- Anthony Usher,

"iOS app for all you pinball fans, PinballCraft is a must have"


Select to play from your own or one of our many user made tables.

Build your own pinball tables from scratch, collecting and crafting
new items.

You will start with a couple of elements to begin work on your table.

First, create a simple and easy table to test the elements you are given. Each element used on your table, once hit by the pinball may grant you with more elemets of the same type. To discover and obtain new kinds of elements, take a scroll through the existent "Item Recipes" menu.
Sample the recipes/combinations for new items, create them, and test them on your table.

As you play and have fun, you will be able to obtain more elements and increase your table size.

The more elements you encounter, more combinations you may achieve, and more complex your table can be.

When your masterpiece table is ready, take it for a test-drive and publish it to allow other users to enjoy.

There is no penalty for excessive iPad tillting, turn and twist freely to guide the ball.

We want to pick your brains on what you think, shoot us out an e-mail at and,

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