Pinball Paradise

Sprite Flight Games is proud to present, “Pinball Paradise”.

Stranded on a small lost tropical desert island, i…
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Sprite Flight Games is proud to present, “Pinball Paradise”.

Stranded on a small lost tropical desert island, it would seem certain doom in paradise. Behold. Four outstanding pinball tables materialize right before your eyes promising to save you from the endless days and nights alone on the island.

Choose which games to play, each one increasing in both challenge and amazement. Each pinball table features a fun, arcade style play with realistic physics, a fully 3D playing field, beautiful artwork, wonderful music and sound effects.

Each pinball table is a nostalgic trip through time, immersed in a unique theme.

“Wipe Out!”
Experience this 1960’s throwback, while surfing cool waves and escaping deadly sharks. This is a great table for novices getting started.

While racing the strip in our decked out ‘57 Chevy and a nice fire hot tricked out ’36 Deuce Coupe, it’s a blast to the past. Take on the “Dead Man’s” curve to rack up the points or go boppin’ at the diner.

Take a blast to the 1980’s in aerial combat between American made F-15 Tomcats and rival Chinese F-7 Chengdu fighter jets. If you’ve got the need for speed, get MULTIBALL and hit both twisting rails at the same time. It’s “totally rad!”

Descend into the mysterious depths of deep space. Encounter the dangerous wormhole which in this case truly lives up to its name. For extra points, find the secret teleporter to the floating command ship.


Choose from 4 incredible pinball games
Fast action packed 3D tables
Different thematic music for each game
3D and high quality stereo sound effects.
Realistic physics
Amazing graphics and animation
Hit each target before loosing a ball for multiball mode!
Choose between timed and arcade game modes.
High scores are kept for each game.
Simple and easy to follow gameplay
Created specifically for the iPhone/iPod Touch
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Nov 01, 2010
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal