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    Feb 11, 2022
    PinaPang’ is a 2D casual brick breaker game with cute characters :)


    Kevin invited you to his birthday party!
    Please help Kevin to open many gifts!​

    ▶ How to enjoy PinaPang 100x

    - Aim with your touch and shoot!

    - Make your own picture book with various toys.

    - Raise your tier while clearing the quest for the day.

    - You can get high scores by using various items.

    - Achieve your achievements and collect cute badges.

    ▶ Contents that you can enjoy with PinaPang

    - This is not just a brick breaker game!

    - Anyone can enjoy playing with the simple operation!

    - The popping presents and pinata will relieve your stress!

    - It's fun to gather various and cute characters!

    - Use unique skills to pop the gift box at once!

    ▶ We recommend it to people like this

    - A fan of brick breaker game

    - Those who want to spend time playing light games

    - Those who like cute characters

    - Those who want to relieve stress by playing games






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