Pilot's Path - Open World, Helicopter Flight Simulator Coming Soon

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    Pilot's Path is an old-school, open world helicopter simulator where you play a dishonorably discharged USAF ace pilot. Without anywhere else to turn, you delve deep into a criminal underworld where kingpins and drug lords call upon your expert services to deliver certain... illicit goods. Make them angry and it'll be more than your career that's dead.

    Most folks don't feel secure unless they have both feet planted firmly on solid ground. Long flights just aren't comfortable, and turbulence makes them feel sick. But you're different. You're an artist in a helicopter, and the skies are your canvas. Making a quick buck by slinging goods for the highest bidder, exploring the world from high up in your cockpit, and living life by your own rules - that's the Pilot's Path. So throw away your standard issue pilots' handbook and pump up the throttle.

    The world is your oyster:
    ★ The world of Pilot's Path is unpredictable
    ★ Randomly generated maps for each new game
    ★ Explore over 50 islands in 2 huge locations
    ★ Collect and sell items from across the archipelagos to make more money
    ★ Visit the mechanic to make improvements to your helicopter
    ★ Increase hull integrity, fuel capacity, speed, radar capabilities, and more
    ★ Plenty of missions to keep you occupied

    Unparalleled, engaging design:
    ★ Joystick controls that make flying your helicopter easy and intuitive
    ★ Beautifully rendered picture cut scenes
    ★ Unique retro design maximized for retina and full HD displays

    Enjoy the flight with an optimized gaming experience:
    ★ Control remotely with another iOS device (via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth)
    ★ Play on a TV or a projector (HDMI, Airplay, VGA, RCA supported)
    ★ Configurable TV resolution
    ★ Full HD and other resolutions supported
    ★ Simple, super easy TV and remote setup

    We are also looking for beta testers, so please PM me if you’re interested!





  2. Platyrrhine

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    Jan 6, 2012
    Looking forward to seeing how this comes out. Sounds like it could be a great game.
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    Nov 10, 2009
    Please tell me this is like Jungle/Desert strike but with randomly generated levels ?

    If so INSTABUY
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    Sep 5, 2012
    Well, not QUITE. No guns in this one, your mission is to collect items, make money, upgrade your copter, and keep exploring the massive areas while completing missions.

    But randomly generated levels/areas? That I can promise: different experience each time you play.

    So, if not an Instabuy, maybe a 5 minutes after it launches buy? ;)
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    Sorry guys about the wall of text. This game is good enough that I had to give my full initial impressions on it. Seems like an instant download game to me!

    I just tested this game for the devs so the following impressions are from the actual game itself and not just guesswork;

    The device I used was an iPad 3 but I also have an iPhone and it seems like this game would run well on most systems any way.

    Starting with the app icon it looks nice, it's like a helmet with a visor reflecting a helicopter in the distance. When some one cares about the little things it shows that this has a lot of care and time put into it.

    The loading screen is very polished, the game looks to contain excellent remote control support (although that is something I can't try out but the touch controls are very good any way) and the colour choices of the menus are fairly good.

    The intro 'movie' is also polished well and sound quality throughout the app has had a ton of thought out into it.

    Initially there is only one location open, yet it seems like there will be more when it is officially open on the app store. I started in a jungle like environment which was semi retro but very graphical at the same time.

    There are lots of things you need to keep an eye on here including fuel, durability, speed, altitude, cargo space and a few more things to boot.

    So far the missions have basically included pure collection, this is not a game for fighting. I like that personally. Even with the same idea throughout subsequent quests it feels varied enough to warrant longevity on my device, picking up items is a simple affair but people will walk into the helicopter if you park near them!

    It is very possible to crash and quite easy to do so at the start of the game but the learning curve is not actually steep. It should suit pick up and go or sit and play gamers at the same time.

    The shop upgrades are staged carefully. Sure there is IAP in this game to help with those but you aren't hit by a surprise. The first upgrade is 10,000 then the second 15,000 and so on. There is no Paywall here at all.

    I won't be completely biased though, the thing that I find odd is that you can buy gifts for the mechanic with real money. I'm not even sure what the benefit of those are and for real money it would be nice to have an idea of what is given. Don't worry though I was fully able to ignore it and move on by choice.

    Money is also easy to come by but you have to be careful.

    There was a stinger of a bug that I found in the tutorial but by the sounds of it the devs are going to have that ironed out by the time most people here get to see the game. Other than that no problems and my play time has clocked in over an hour so far.

    The option is given to save the game any time you like. Some games won't let you do that but here it does!

    I crashed on purpose and admittedly by accident on a few occasions too but it's fun to crash, the animation is nice ;)

    You can't carry over the helicopters capacity which encourages regular play to upgrade to the next and so on. Replay ability is great here.

    The autopilot feature is great if your playing and watching a film like I did today, just go to the destination pick up the cargo and let it return on its own. The catch is you need items to do this which can be found by exploring or buying from the mechanics shop. All for in game money. (I meant it when I said IAP is avoidable!)

    My suggestion on a non technical level to the developers here is that it would be great to have some kind of gold storage at the base. Perhaps a personal vault of some sort, to ensure that you don't lose all that gold by a mistake by hitting the rotors into a tree.

    The little things make this game above average though, including the ability to fly under bridges if you are skilled at judging height which isn't too hard with the shadow in this game being so useful.

    Achivements work in this game.

    I would happily pay £££ for this game and I feel privileged to be getting early acces like this. My genuine opinion is that it's worth a download.

    Just don't expect it to be an action game, this is peaceful after all :)

    In the end it comes down to one question though...
    Should you download this game?
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    May 23, 2011
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    Man this sounds(and looks) great :) Looking forward to it
  7. Pilot's Path

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    Sep 5, 2012
    Thanks Vision! You're the best!

    Taken! We're looking into it now. I'll let you guys know that buying the mechanic gifts will let you update one helicopter upgrade.
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    Sep 5, 2012
    Also guys, we had a HUGE response to beta test requests and I'm out of codes. :(. But the game should be out next week and we'll do some more giveaways and stuff then.

    Also, keep watching this forum: a new trailer with gameplay coming soon. :)
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    Sorry guys, issue with the new trailer. Hopefully back up shortly. :/

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