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    Lite is out

    99 cent Full version Features Include:
    • 600 Photos from famous destinations all around the world
    • Easy, Medium, and Hard Levels
    • Compete against other users for the top 5 spots by uploading your high scores to our online leader board
    • “More Info” button displays info about each destination
    • Two finger pinching allows you to zoom in or out on pictures
    • Rotate the Device to view in landscape or portrait mode
    • Automatically save high scores locally by clicking the home icon
    • Get more info about each destination by clicking the "info" button
    • Navigate to already answered questions by clicking the back or forward arrows
    • Complete a difficulty level and earn an achievement checkmark on the main screen

    Three Difficulty Levels:
    • Easy: Includes famous destinations in views that are easily recognizable.
    • Medium: May include more obscure places and indigenous animals.
    • Hard: Step it up a notch! This level incorporates skyline shots and destinations known only to the most experienced traveler.

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