iPad PictsieMe - PuriKura With Attitude has landed!

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    Apr 23, 2012
    PictsieME—Purikura With Attittude has just hit the app store. Like many photo apps, PictsieME allows print club (aka purikura) fans to decorate pictures with fun, free stickers, fabulous frames, and added text, which may be typed or drawn on.

    Unlike many photo aps, PictsieME includes funky photo filters, ala the fabulous Instagram. Additionally, the stickers in PictsieME go beyond the fluffy hearts and rainbow assortment. Instead, think Hello Kitty—on acid! Users can decorate their pictures with candy-coloured skulls, neon lightening bolts, crazed teddies, and a whole assortment the delightfully devilish “pictsies” created specially for this app.

    PictsieME offers one of the largest collections of free stamps available. If an additional sticker pack is purchased, ads are shut off.

    The first release by Done Right Apps, PictsieMe is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. It requires an IOS of 4.3 or later. It is rated +12 for mild cartoon violence and mild drug use references.

    Download PictsieME link: http://goo.gl/sjTr4

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